You can gain a competitive edge by incorporating video into your organization’s talent acquisition and recruitment processes.

From adoption programs and creative ideas to leveraging the many personalities within your team, there are proven ways to supercharge your time to hire with video.  

In this session you will learn about:

  • Key findings from VideoMyJob’s State of Video research report
  • How to improve your key metrics by introducing video into
    your recruitment process
  • How to utilise video for staff engagement and retention
  • How to create a powerful employee value proposition using video
  • Creative ideas to get you started

Michael Osmond

Head of Performance & Culture, JobAdder

A people and culture professional with over 9 years experience in Human Resources. Passionate about prioritizing staff empowerment.



Jay Rusden

Head of Marketing, VideoMyJob

A strategic marketing and product leader with a passion for tech, problem solving, customer experience and organisational culture.