COVID-19 threw us all for six. After the initial shock, many of you have used the slow down in reqs to get stuck into strategic project work.

In our first edition of ‘Lockdown Projects’ we have guests representing both sides of the recruiting coin -- Jade Bennett, Director of Middleton Executive and Laura Paton, Global Talent Manager at PaperCut Software and RL100 member -- both Jade and Laura have been super-busy during lockdown; planning, executing and iterating.

Luckily, belonging to values-led businesses has made many of the challenges created by the pandemic easier to navigate, influencing everything from how they show up online to how they remote-onboard new recruits.

In this relaxed fireside chat we’ll hear about Laura’s ambitious plans to build a neurodiverse learning experience at PaperCut Software, Jade’s video series focusing on candidate care and how the two businesses have been supporting each other.

Grab a sandwich, tune-in for 45 minutes and get inspired!

Laura Paton, Global Talent Manager at PaperCut Software

Laura Paton

Global Talent Manager at PaperCut Software

Laura is the Global Talent Manager for PaperCut Software, a market leader in print management and a fast growing Australian scale up.

Over the last 10 years, Laura has worked with local start-ups, fortune 100 companies and everything in between. Laura holds a degree in human resources management and enjoys partnering closely with business leaders across the broad spectrum that is HR.

Laura now channels her passion for great people experiences into developing and executing talent and employer branding strategies to support values-led businesses with ambitious growth goals.

Jade Bennett,  Director of Middleton Executive

Jade Bennett

Director of Middleton Executive

Jade is the Director & Founder of Middleton Executivea boutique recruitment company dedicated to Product Management & Technology.

Originally from London, Jade has been living the Aussie dream for over 10 years. After graduating from university with a degree in International Politics, she landed her first job as a recruitment consultant in her home town. (Yes, Jade has been on the candidate side too). She was blown away by the help and advice she received from her recruitment consultant (she's still good friends with her today).

After this experience she thought to herself 'I too would love to help people achieve their dream job and get one step closer to the life they've always wanted.' Jade then completed her Masters in HR and Employment Law and then picked up the wanderlust bug and set off on her merry travels to Australia. The plan was to stay in Melbourne for six weeks but she's still here and wholeheartedly calls Melbourne home.