With overwhelmed employees at an all-time high, creating digital experiences that help our talent focus, cope and continue to grow professionally should be a business priority for all of us. 

There’s no shortage of great learning and development material available online, but how do you connect, access and amplify this content in a way that gets your people talking and thinking about the things that really matter? 

We invited Tim Way and Sheree Andersen from The Career Conversation to share their combined experience in building and delivering content-rich digital learning journeys and developing connected leadership.

In this live session you will learn about:

  • Identifying the organisational priority 
  • Making leaders visible and valuable
  • Defining content messaging
  • Importance of mixed media; video, audio and text
  • Blending digital and human intervention
  • Measuring success 
Creating Experience & Impact in Digital Learning - Tim

Tim Way

Managing Director & Career Coach, The Career Conversation.

Tim is a business leader and Career Coach with 20 years’ experience in multinational and start up environments.

Through The Career Conversation Tim helps organisations and individuals connect on the
subjects that matter and move careers and performance forward.

Creating Experience & Impact in Digital Learning - Sheree

Sheree Andersen

Co-Founder & Director, The Career Conversation.

Sheree has a distinguished background in HR technology implementation, data analytics
and customer success which she uses to build and deliver fantastic digital learning journeys
for The Career Conversation clients.

Putting ‘User Experience’ at the front of solution design, Sheree is passionate about
positively impacting lifelong careers.