How do you prepare for and manage a successful HR technology rollout?

When measuring the impact of your recruitment technology, you need to know which metrics to look at and how to ensure your team focuses on the metrics that matter as you scale adoption.

Finding the answers to both these questions can be tricky, which is why we’ve invited Teresa Collis to walk us through her experience implementing new recruitment marketing technologies at Siemens.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How to clarify your impact objectives
  • Different ways to measure impact
  • Lag vs lead indicators
  • A framework for assessing benefit and cost impact


Teresa_Collis_Global Lead for Culture & Capability

Teresa Collis

Global Lead for Culture & Capability, Siemens

Teresa joined Siemens in 2007, and her roles have included Communications, Strategy, Change, Leadership & Development, and Organisational Development.

In 2011 she relocated to Munich in Germany, where she took on responsibility for Global Employer Branding at Siemens and was a member of the Universum Global Employer Branding Advisory Board.

Returning home to Melbourne in 2015, Teresa established and steered a Global Recruitment Marketing team at Siemens, and drove the implementation and adoption of a number of technologies including VideoMyJob and Textio.